25507993_mSonnomedica is a private Sleep Medicine Center in Milan (Italy). The approach of Sonnomedica is based on multidisciplinary cooperation of various physicians and psychologists.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that every individual is unique and requires a treatment plan that incorporates the individual within his/her wider context as part of a family, community and society.

Sonnomedica is able to offer treatments tailored to every single patient and also have at disposal advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment constantly renewed and updated.

Sonnomedica offers many services to the patients:

  • specialist medical visits
  • diagnostic services
  • CPAP treatment and other nocturnal ventilators
  • screening of sleep disorders
  • consulting to shift-workers and jet-laggers

Sonnomedica is able to offer some of his services directly at home.

Our services 

Sonnomedica is able to give a complete medical assessment and treatment of sleep disorders. The offer of Sonnomedica consists of outpatient medical services and diagnostic tests.
Our services include:

  • specialistic examination (neurology, pneumology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, psychology)
  • polysomnography
  • actigraphy
  • sleep endoscopy
  • Continuous Positive Airways Support (CPAP) treatment
  • obstructive sleep apnea treatment with oral appliances
  • snore and sleep apnea surgery

Contact us

Telephone: +39 02 3968 0094

Email: clienti@sonnomedica.it


Sonnomedica – Headquarter
Via Cerva 25  –  20122  Milan (Italy)

Opening time

Monday-Thursday 9.00-19.00

Friday 9.00-14.00


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