The speech of Prof. Dr. Mario Mantovani at the Course on Surgical Techniques for Snoring and OSAHS (Rome – 3/4 December 2015)

The 3rd and the 4th of December took place in Rome an important international course about the latest discoveries of surgical techniques for snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS). Professor Dr. Mario Mantovani participated at the course as a speaker and an expert in the field.

We’re talking about the 1st European Advanced Course on Surgical Techniques for Snoring and OSAHS: this December took place the second session of the course, concerning minimally invasive surgical techniques for snoring and mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome. They were two days full of theoretical lessons, clinical cases presentations and live surgery, to show the latest discoveries of throat surgical techniques.

An important moment during the Course on Surgical Techniques for Snoring and OSAHS was dedicated to the evolution of minimally invasive surgical techniques with barbed sutures, internationally known as Barbed Snore Surgery (BSS). On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Mario Mantovani – who specialized in Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery – during the afternoon of the 3rd of December presented to his listeners a reading about  the latest evolution of this kind of throat surgery.Course on Surgical Techniques for Snoring and OSAHS

In fact, in 2011 Mario Mantovani in first person conceived this new minimally invasive surgical technique to treat snoring and OSAS, called BSS – Barbed Snore Surgery. This new technique not requires the removal of the fibro muscular tissues, but only consists of reducing the collapsibility of the retro palatal tract, by means of threads anchoring the inner layer of the upper airway, made of soft tissues like muscles and mucosae, to the natural and solid anatomic grips that surround them, namely the posterior nasal spine, the two pterygo mandibular rafes and the pterygoid hamuli.

This new technique also introduces – for the first time in the surgery of the oral and pharyngeal district – the use of an absolute revolutionary material, the barbed suture. This barbed sutures are resorbable and extremely effective in creating the right structural changes in tissues to be reshaped, maintaining in the future the obtained results.

Prof. Dr. Mario Mantovani says: “The main advantages of this innovative surgical approach are basically threefold: first of all, the absence of any transection or demolition of the fibro muscular tissues (hence the potential reversibility, within the first three to four weeks, the repeatability and good tolerability of the intervention). Also, the customizability of the structural remodeling related to the needs of each Patient (according the findings of a specific pre-operative examination named “sleep endoscopy”) and, at last, the great advantages given by the action of the barbed suture inside the palatal and pharyngeal tissues in terms of tolerability, efficiency and scarring stability”.

In his speech at the 1st European Advanced Course on Surgical Tecniques for Snoring and OSAHS Mantovani explained to the audience of doctors the latest evolutions of his innovative surgical technique, in the perspective of a continuous improvement.

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