Sleep disorders and driver’s license

Sleep disorders not only adversely affect the health and quality of life of those who suffer, but also increase the risks of the streets.

In fact, according to experts, nearly 22% of road accidents are caused by excessive daytime sleepiness, often caused by sleep disturbances.
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In this regard, in 2014 the European Union has issued the 2014/85 / EU Directive – transposed into Italy by the Decree of 22 December 2015 – which sets out the requirements for obtaining and renewing a driving license for those affected (or Is thought to be affected) by the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). In fact, this disease causes a high daytime sleepiness (due to well-known “sleep shocks”), which, according to expert estimates, increases up to 7 times the risk of road accidents.

From 2016 onwards, even in Italy, those suffering from night-time apnea will be able to obtain or renew the license only by following a very precise process.

What to do if you are suffering from night apnea?

The latest regulations (Ministry of Health Decree of February 3, 2016) set out very precise rules for obtaining a driving license if you are suffering from sleep apnea or if your doctor suspects that we may be suffering from it.

From 2016, during the check for the issue or renewal of the patent, the monocratic physician will have to check – among other things – the possible presence of nighttime apnea:
  1. Individuals identified by the monoclinic physician as “suspected OSAS” (depending on specific indicators such as strong snoring, large neck, obesity, and some specific pathologies) should undergo further investigation.
  2.  The “monologue suspect OSAS” doctor will issue a questionnaire on daytime sleepiness to determine the degree of risk for road traffic: for those identified as high risk the decision on fitness for fitness will be referred to the Local Medical Commission ( CML).
  3. The Commission will carry out a specific test on reaction times for these subjects to assess the possible level of surveillance, and decide whether to enable or disable the driver.
    And if you already know that you suffer from OSAS?
    According to the law, the license may also be issued to people with OSAS, provided they demonstrate that they are in care and have adequate control of the symptoms, with the relative improvement of daytime sleepiness.Otherwise, the license can not be issued or renewed.
    Persons suffering from OSAS will also be reduced the validity of the three-year license (for category A and B vehicle drivers) or one year (for category C and D vehicle drivers) to encourage continued vigilance Of the treatments.

    These new measures are aimed at ensuring greater safety on the roads, reducing risk situations caused by excessive drowsiness in driving, typical of those suffering from OSAS and causing almost 22% of road accidents.

    A specialist’s visit will allow you to quickly identify whether a driver – whether professional or not – has a sleep disorder or a latent sleep apnea syndrome that millions of Italians suffer without knowing it. Therapies to fight nighttime apnea are multiple and allow patients to benefit immediately, making their driving safer and far better in quality of life.

How to do so to continue to have the license?

According to the latest regulations (Ministry of Health Decree of February 3, 2016), the license can be issued to moderate or severe OSAS sufferers only if they demonstrate adequate control of the symptoms, with relative improvement in daytime sleepiness.

This means that if you are suffering from nighttime apnea, during a medical examination for the issue or renewal of your driving license you will have to show the medical doctor the medical documentation that attests to be caring for the nighttime apnea and not to present excessive drowsiness to the daytime. So – except for special situations – there will be no need for further inquiries or to go to the Local Medical Commission.

Sleeping and driving licenses: the path of Sonnomedica

Sonnomedica – our private center specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders – can shortly perform all the necessary tests to check the type of disorder you are suffering from and find the best therapy for any situation, thanks to a multidisciplinary and highly personalized approach .

We have all the best nighttime sleep apnea therapies and we follow every patient along the entire care path, from initial visits and diagnostic examinations (can also be performed at home) to the supply of ventilation equipment (CPAP) directly at home.

Finding a cure for sleep disturbances will help you improve the quality of your life and make your driving safer, without risking your driving license being suspended, a key condition especially for professional drivers and road haulage.

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