Sonnomedica: Who we are


SONNOMEDICA – Center for Sleep Medicine

Via Cerva 25 – Milano – Italy


Telephone:  +39 02 3968 0094

Sonnomedica is a private medical center founded in Milan in 2006 and dedicated exclusively to the treatment of sleep disorders.

Sonnomedica’s medical team is made up of a wide range of specialized doctors – such as pneumologists, neurologists, otolaryngologists, dentists, psychotherapists, dieticians – who are able to deal with each situation with a multidisciplinary approach and a highly customized care pathway.
Our mission is to provide a complete service from the diagnosis of the disorders to the choice of the best therapies for both those who want to improve daytime sleep and wellbeing, as well as for companies and athletes who want to improve performances and safety levels.
  • Sonnomedica is a medical facility authorized by ASL 1 of Regione Lombardia (authorization number 97 of December 15, 2006)
  • The head office of Sonnomedica is located in center of Milan in Via Cerva 25
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